Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Christmas Treats

I ventured into town yesterday for some last minute Christmas shopping and I picked up a couple of small goodies. Admittedly I was meant to be buying gifts for my family, but I got a little sidetracked at the new Charlotte Tilbury counter in John Lewis - although I'm still deciding whether to give these to my sister or keep them for myself.

Side note: the Christmas card is actually a Topshop voucher. Happy Everything!

Charlotte Tilbury has been one of the most talked about high end cosmetic brands of 2015, and there's no question why - the packaging is beautiful and the brand screams Hollywood glamour: have you seen Charlotte's new store in Covent Garden?! Anyway I couldn't leave the counter without purchasing a couple of small indulgences.

I chose two of her cult products because I knew they wouldn't disappoint and they happen to suit my daily makeup look perfectly. Firstly, I opted for 'Bitch Perfect', a nude lipstick with slight peachy undertones. I have heard so much about this lipstick and so it was an obvious purchase for me. It has a smooth glossy finish when swatched, but as I said I might end up giving this to my sister so I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet.

I also chose the Lip Cheat liner in 'Iconic Nude'. Famously coveted by Kim Kardashian, this brown shaded liner is velvety and creamy in consistency when swatched and I imagine it is not too drying on the lips and glides on well. It supposedly reshapes and enhances your lips seamlessly, so I can't wait to see what it looks like on.

I also managed to visit The White Company pop up store while I was in town to pick up a few scents and while I was there I was given a £10 voucher to use online. As far as I'm aware this is not exclusive to this store and is aiming to drive customers to their online site, so if you're a fan of The White Company I'd suggest a visit this week to see if you can pick one up!

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