Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Food, Fur and Frosty Weather

As it has been particularly frosty lately in Liverpool, when I was venturing outside the comforts of my blanket-filled home I had no choice but to wear my favourite fur. I feel like your coat makes your outfit and this is such a statement piece that it pretty much speaks for itself and means that even in the plainest of outfits I look like I've made more of an effort than I actually have, so this really has been my go-to lately. (Although my friend did mention that the past 3 times I have met up with her, I have worn the same jacket - oops)

Coat: Vintage
Top: Asos
Jeans: River Island
Choker: Ebay

Anyway, I have had 3 days off from work this week and so I thought I'd end the Netflix binge and actually make real life plans. I did a little shopping, mostly in Lush I must admit, and then we went to a restaurant called Cote. I've actually mentioned this restaurant before because I've visited the ones in London a lot, but the food really is delicious and the staff are always so nice. The dishes I'd recommend are the pate with brioche and apple chutney to start, for main the steak and frites with garlic butter, and the chocolate fondant for dessert.

Also, I just finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which is really convenient actually because we bought the DVD for Christmas and have yet to watch it so I've finished it just in time to see the film. I know this isn't anything original, because it seems everyone's read it or knows about it, but I just really enjoyed it. I love the take on World War 2 and the perspective was really refreshing. Although the end did make me quite emotional.
I've moved on to An Abundance of Katherine's now by John Green because he is a literature god and I could do with an easy, lighthearted read after that. And as this is the last of my books to read, I've also took to Amazon to order a few more books too which makes me unashamedly excited.

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