Monday, 9 February 2015

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to meeeee...

I turned the big 22 on Friday, which meant lots of celebrating this weekend.

It's Monday now though so back to reality, but first I thought I'd share some highlights from the past few days.

My actual birthday night was quite chilled, as I was working til 8pm. So my mum cooked us a lovely meal and I opened all my cards and presents, and ended the night drinking champagne and eating macarons which are my favourite! PS how gorgeous is my glass - you can see the detail in the first picture. My mum got me a set of four for Christmas this year and I'm obsessed.

On Saturday night we started off in a bar/restaurant in Liverpool One called Hanover Street Social for cocktails, because I've tried them before and they are amazing. In the first image you can see a Red Light Martini and a White Cosmopolitan which were two of my favourites. We were also given these Guinness shots which aren't actually on the menu, but are so delicious and warming. They are made with Baileys and Tia Maria - I would definitely recommend asking for these on a Winter's evening.

After Hanover Street Social, we headed over to Restaurant Bar & Grill which is one of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool, and as you can see the food is delicious. This was our starter that we shared. It included crispy duck pancakes, tempura prawns, squid, fishcakes and chicken skewers. The tempura prawns are my favourite, they're amazing. We then all had steaks for our main, because they are soooo tasty.

I didn't get a conventional birthday cake this year but my mum bought a gorgeous dessert from M&S and it was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. I also love the gold detailing on it, it's so pretty!

(Me and my beautiful mum)

So, yeah, as you can tell my weekend was spent with plenty of drinking and celebrating! Now it's time for me to go catch up on the Grammy's and watch plenty of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Bye.

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