Monday, 2 February 2015

AHS: Freak Show

This is quite an unusual thing for me to be writing about, but I just finished watching the American Horror Story: Freak Show finale and I felt the need to talk about it.

I love AHS. I binge watched the first three seasons throughout the month of May last year and it was the best thing ever. The cast is amazing and I always love the plot lines. However, this season I felt the show was lacking the fear factor that was previously there - basically, what I'm saying is I feel perfectly comfortable watching episodes of Freak Show in bed alone at 3am, which to some people may seem normal, but to me is a little disappointing - I like to be spooked.

(credit: E! online)

Don't get me wrong, Jessica Lange is still a badass b*tch and Evan Peters is as adorably hot as ever. But to be honest the only time I felt emotional was when Meep died, and the only time I thought it was starting to get scary was with the whole evil clown/psycho rich boy theme but even that kind of simmered down after a while.

I get that Freak Show is a bit of a tricky theme, because it's actually about people's deformities and disabilities rather than fictitious, mythological beings and I am still obsessed with this show and will continue to watch it religiously. I'm just hoping next season is scarier. It is called American Horror Story after all.

Also, I realllyyyy hope it's not true that Jessica Lange won't be returning, because she is always my favourite characters and I love her.

And on that note, I couldn't do an AHS themed post without a little Jessica appreciation:


Are you a fan of AHS? Comment below, I'd love to chat about it...

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