Monday, 8 December 2014

Luxury Lush Pud review

In the last big Lush shop I did I was planning on buying the 'Twilight' bath bomb but was told by a lovely girl who works there that the limited edition 'Luxury Lush Pud' was the exact same scent but with different colours etc. I ended up buying that one instead (even though the bright colours are a little too obnoxious for my usual tastes) simply because I'm a sucker for the Christmas collections.

The scent screams lavender which I really don't usually like, but I know that it helps you sleep so I thought it would be ideal for a nighttime bath. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the scent is much more muted when it's actually working in the bath. In fact, I also used my 'Yog Nog' soap in the bath as well and the two scents actually complimented each other well which I didn't expect.

I have mentioned before that I like to cut up bath bombs to use them more than once, and I used about a third with this one.

Tip: cutting bath bombs can be quite a messy business. I tend to cut mine on a chopping board, but I always cover the board with cling film so that the bright powder doesn't stain anything, and it is easy to clear away afterwards. Also, some products are harder to cut than others, and this one was particularly difficult because of the separate circular pieces, and so it tended to crumble a little, so be warned...

As you can see, the neon pink really took as the bomb started to fizz which was expected. (I added my own bubble bath prior to adding the bath bomb)

As I only used about a third of the bath bomb I would definitely say don't use any more than half of it as it is so bright and it really would be quite overwhelming and unnecessary to use the whole product at once.

Once it fizzled out I was left bathing in water coloured a deep pink - I really enjoyed this colour - and weirdly the scent and colour of the water seemed to go really well together, it's hard to really explain the experience in words, but it was so pretty and relaxing.

As the water started to drain from the bathtub I noticed it became more of a fluorescent Barbie pink which I also really loved, so I think I'm going to try my next one with even less of the bomb (perhaps a little more than a quarter) just to see if it has that effect because that was also a really nice shade of pink.

It's also worth saying that this isn't just suitable for an evening bath before bed. I actually used this in the middle of the day on Sunday. It was my day off from work and it was a great way to relax and de-stress before I spent my afternoon/evening watching TV and painting my nails, etc.

I really really enjoyed this bath and am definitely considering buying this bath bomb again before the festive season is over. Definitely recommend!

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