Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Waving that magic fairy wand...

I have been hugely in to Lush bath products lately. I think it's this time of year that brings it out of me, what with all the Halloween/Bonfire Night/Christmas themed bath bombs/melts/soaps etc.

Anyway, I have had my eye on a few bits for a while now, and ended up indulging the other day on a few products. So far I have used a Butterbear and the Magic Wand.

The Butterbear is just a little vanilla-scented polar bear bath bomb that fizzes in the bath when you drop it in to the water. It isn't particularly interesting to look at/experience as it doesn't create bubbles or a pretty colour, but I must say my skin felt so soft afterwards as the bear is made mostly of cocoa butter.

The product I do actually want to focus on today though it the Magic Wand. One reason I bought this product, other than it's prettiness, is because it is reusable - apparently it can be used for up to six baths, although I think it will probably last me four. The scent is initially very sweet and candy-like, but when you use it, your bath doesn't smell too overpowering, which I like. You basically swirl the wand under running water and it creates pink candy bubbles.

I am so excited about this product and would recommend it for those who are new to Lush, or are maybe a little intimidated by the long list of products they sell.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, as I am planning on doing more as I use up my products over the winter months. 

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