Monday, 24 November 2014

Twinkle twinkle little star...

As my second instalment of my Lush-themed posts this season, I thought I'd tell you about the bath bomb 'Northern Lights'. This was by far my most anticipated purchase from Lush recently, mainly because it just looks so pretty with the dark purples and blues like a night's sky and it even has little stars in it which I could not resist.

So, I tried it out for the first time the other night and it wasn't exactly as I expected. First I'd like to start by saying that I did love the colours - it starts out purple and as it fizzes, blues and greens appear as well - and the floral scent was relaxing. However, considering how excited I was to try this out, it definitely hasn't been my favourite bath bomb like I thought it would be.

This is how my bath began to look after a minute or so:

I only used half of the product, as with bath bombs I prefer to cut them and use them more than once to get my money's worth, and I don't think the whole bomb is needed for just one bath in most cases.

Basically, by the time it had fizzled out it wasn't anything special just purple scented water (similar to the effects of the 'Magic Wand', minus the bubbles of course.) However, with most bath bombs I like to mix in a little bubble bath (I'm a child at heart and love bubbles in my bath).

I'd say that overall the novelty of this product is its selling point. The scent isn't necessarily to my taste, but then again I think scent is a personal thing. I would recommend it if you like a subtle floral scent though.

It's funny because my friend bought this before I did and I was so jealous, and then I bought it just before we met up earlier in the week and she had the exact same thoughts that I now do. Anyway, I probably won't be purchasing this product again, but it was nice to try. I think I'll be trying the 'Luxury Lush Pud' next and also some Christmassy soaps that I bought recently which I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

(Update: I enjoyed using the second half of the bath bomb more - it was more of what I had hoped for and the bath water was a prettier purple.)

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