Monday, 26 May 2014

Soundtrack to disaster

I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Finsbury Park on Saturday and it was INSANE. For those who aren't aware (despite my non-stop talk about them) they are one of my fave bands of all time, so this was a big deal. It was by far the best gig I've ever been to, however I am still recovering and my poor boots and jeans were caked in mud and are still in the process of being cleaned - it was worth it. I actually got a bit emotional when they first came on. We were right at the front and it was all very overwhelming to begin with - I've now come to terms with the fact (as I cry in to my pillow) that that'll be the closest I will ever get to Alex Turner in my life.
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Other than that, I've mostly just been hanging out with friends and house-hunting - not so fun. I met up with a friend the other day in Camden and we went to a little place called White Kitchen for a delicious meal. For those who aren't aware of this place, it's a little restaurant located on Camden High Street that cook the tastiest pizzas for really cheap - each pizza is around £5 so it's good for when you're trying to save the pennies. I'm salivating even looking at this photo:

I'm also interning at the moment which is taking up a lot of my time. I'm dying for a change right now so moving out couldn't come sooner, I just hope I find somewhere to live soon...

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