Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Instagram Diary #12

Garden Ryan Gosling, obviously George
Patty & Bun + Pinkberry Throwback to Prom Night out
Cindy Crawford Selfie Throwback Thursday

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I've had quite a fun week since my last deadline was handed in, and although I need to stop spending money now, I've really enjoyed having my social life back. However when I went out last Saturday I seem to have shredded my feet - I have never felt anything like it, I've had to make DIY plaster because no normal ones are large enough to cover the monstrous cuts on the backs of my heels. I swear, a force is out to get me.

Last night I went to Patty & Bun with a friend and it was deeeeeelicious. Every now and again we love to go for a really greasy, meaty meal and this was just the thing I needed. I've never been to P&B before but I recommend it - do be warned, we had to queue for a while to get in. We then followed the meal with a Pinkberry, as you do. It was then I realised that, as pretentious as it seems, I actually do prefer frozen yoghurt to ice cream (shocking, I know) and to be honest I'm still thinking about that blessed fro-yo now.

I'm off to a friends' gig in Islington tonight which should be fun, so an outfit post should be coming soon.

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