Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fire in my blood

Shirt and jeans - River Island
Trainers - Nike

So, this is a pretty basic ootd. I got these trainers for the gym but due to tiredness, these have become my new wardrobe staple for cba days. I got them at the very beginning of the year, and since I bought them, I've seen them everywhere - why does that happen? I do still love them though, they're as me as trainers can get.

I'm now in Liverpool and my location alone has boosted my mood. Also, I saw a man in Euston station on the way here with a bunch of really pretty flowers who looked the spitting image of Colin Farrell. Now I'm not just saying this but I was genuinely convinced it was him. Soooo Colin, hit me up!

I've just been for a roast dinner with my dad and sister and I'm so stuffed that I've been lying on the sofa in a food coma while I write this post. The food was amazing but I'm beginning to regret eating so much. And on that note I'm going to go have to go and put some pyjamas on before I burst.


  1. ooh the pattern of that top is lovely! Ive been wanting some nike trainers similar to the one you have for a while, but i don't go to the gym or i don't have any excuse in buying them haha. But they do look so comfy! You should have shouted oi colin why didn't you call me back;) See whether the guy would have turned around haha. Im also very jealous that you had a roast! ;p x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Thank you! You should get them anyway I get my use of them even if I don't go the gym. Haha how awkward though if it wasn't him!

  2. Simple but super cool!!! Like it a lot!