Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bats her cartoon eyes

Today has been spent painting my nails this and reading Vogue - productive, I know. I'm heading to the library this afternoon though so I'll make up for my lazy day then. That's my new phone case btw, it's Skinny Dip and I got it to go with a bag I got for my birthday. Isn't it fab? I love it. I also love this shade 'Bee's Knees' from Topshop, especially now it's sunnier today. I haven't taken an ootd yet though, so I'll share this one from the other day:

Coat - vintage
Top - Gap
Jeans - River Island
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters

It was a lot colder in the week so I went for comfort in my fave furry number. I'm also so happy that bucket bags are back in style because I bought this one ages ago (and I really do mean ages) and I don't wear it too often. I do love it though, and I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of this these next couple of months.

Anyway, there's a little update for you. As always, my life has been all about uni so nothing interesting is happening. I'm going home again next Saturday which I'm happy about, but that's literally the only thing I have to look forward to this month. I am going to see Arctic Monkeys in May though and I'm potentially getting tickets to a festival in Paris this Summer which should be fun. It'll be the closest thing to a holiday I'll get this year anyway.

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