Saturday, 8 February 2014

Instagram Diary #10

The 1975 gig  Friends  And again
Shop in Camden The Wolf of Wall Street (incredible film)  Selfie
Cheeky flask  Birthday drinks with my mum  Leo - amazing as always

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I am officially 21. I don't like it. I don't feel old enough to be 21.

I went out last night to celebrate, and it was so much fun. We went to Cargo in Shoreditch and it really is my kind of place. It reminds me of a club at home in Liverpool that we go to all the time, just a bit bigger. The drinks are quite expensive though if you're a student. It shuts down at 3am but there's a club down the road that is open until 7. Unfortunately I was wearing new heels and only made it until 4.30 and then my poor feet just couldn't take it. Isn't it funny that how one minute you're carelessly dancing around in fabulous shoes, loving life, and then BAM the pain just hits you all at once and it's like you can't take one more step. Well, that's what happens to me anyway.

Anyway, this weekend is supposed to be spent doing work, but since it's almost 5pm and all I've done is lie in bed hungover, watching tv and only getting up for food and drink, today seems to have failed massively. However, I did buy a new nail varnish yesterday that I will try out later so there's that.

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