Wednesday, 4 December 2013

One of those games you're gonna lose, but you wanna play it just in case

(Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle)

Coat - Zara
Dress - Missguided
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - River Island
Bag - H&M

This dress may as well be a tent but I love it. I got two of these off Missguided this summer for festivals - this leopard one and a multicoloured patterned one. They were both very cheap and very much worth it - they're so easy to put together on a 'cba' day. I do wear a black body-con skirt underneath them though because they are VERY short and given a slight gust of wind, or even a little too brisk a movement and you'll be showing the world your underwear.

My mum came to visit us in London yesterday as it's my sister's birthday tomorrow, so we spent the day traipsing around central London buying her gifts which was a little annoying for me, especially when I made the rookie mistake of verbally sharing my LOVE for a coat in Zara, only for my mum to then buy it for my sister as a birthday present (almost threw myself to the ground in frustration) - just one of the pains of being the older sibling and therefore less spoilt and more likely to smile and say something like: "no it's your birthday of course I don't care that you're getting the coat I really really want, I have too many coats I don't need it." On a more positive note though, we did go for really nice food and drinks which was very nice and it was good to spend time with my mum.

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