Tuesday, 19 November 2013

You told me I was like the Dead Sea, you'll never sink when you are with me

(The Lumineers - Dead Sea)

Jacket - Zara
Jumper and jeans - Gap
Shoes - River Island

I have no clue where this collar/necklace is from because it was a gift, but how cute is it? I love collars with jumpers and it was an easy way to add a bit of sparkle to my plain-but-comfy outfit.

I had a big deadline today, so this was one of my library/study outfits. I spent two consecutive nights in the library, but it's done now and I'm so happy I can relax for a couple of days. It wasn't all bad though, we had lots of snacks to keep us going, and it's the most productive I've felt in a while.

I'm going out for my friend's 21st birthday on Friday, and so I've been trying to a) figure out what to wear b) find her a nice present. I have succeeded in the latter at least. Why are birthday's so much fuss these days? As much as I enjoy the idea of birthdays and the celebrations, when someone is hard to buy for it seems like so much pressure to get them something they'll actually like.

I have also heard today that Channel 4 will not be showing Elf on tv this December!!!!! First of all, it is tradition that Elf is show on tv each year, AND Channel 4 are fools because this is one of my favourite Christmas films of all time!

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