Sunday, 10 November 2013

The way that you stare, starts a fire in me

(Rihanna - Push Up On Me)
I always seem to be banging on about how much I loooovveee candles and whatnot, but I DO. Anyway I was having a browse through TK Maxx the other day (they have some great home stuff including lots of candles) and bought two new ones.

The best candles in TK Maxx are most definitely the Copenhagen Candle Company ones. This strawberry scent is my favourite, so I bought a 3-wick one, naturally. I can't wait until my current candle I'm using burns out so I can move straight on to this one. This is one of my favourite candle scents OF ALL TIME.

I know it's a bit soon to be buying festive candles, but once I smelt this Christmas Spice scent there was no way I was leaving the shop without it. It smells so wintery and cinnamon-y and I'm so tempted to use this now. Also the candles look so much nicer with gold tops, don't you think?

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