Saturday, 16 November 2013

If you could see all your friends tonight, you know you'd be with your friends for life

(Kodaline - All My Friends)
Dress, boots and belt - Topshop
Bag - River Island
Coat - vintage

I am obsessed with this coat like you wouldn't believe. It's so soft and cosy I love it. I bought it back in September but I've only started wearing it recently since the weather's got colder. I did get caught in the rain in it the other day though which was unfortunate. Rain + fur = disaster.

This weekend is unfortunately going to be spent doing work which is annoying. I spent the whole of last night in the library and didn't get in until about half past four. So my second library trip today is going to be a tiring one. I did buy jaffa cakes and malteasers to take in with me though, and I'm with a friend which always makes it easier and more fun. Hopefully I'll get it finished today though so I can relax tomorrow - Sunday is the day of rest after all, and that's all I plan to do.

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