Saturday, 14 September 2013

Instagram Diary #5

Traditional sweet shop  First day at COMPANY mag Hot chocolate with Thorntons liqueur 
V festival Tumblr image My dad texting 
Where's Wally? Photoshoot Ja'mie

Instagram: sophie_davies1

The weather has been terrible lately and I've resorted to wearing tights again. I'm just so happy I never brought any winter coats home because I know I would be wearing them and I'm just not ready for that yet! It is looking a bit brighter today, and I'm hoping it stays that way for my friends 21st tonight because rain and fake tan is always a disaster. I also don't have a nice jacket that goes with my dress so I may be going jacket-less (I know, daring) which will either mean I'll have to get very drunk to withstand the cold, or the weather will hopefully stay relatively warm for me. I'm hoping that is the case!

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