Thursday, 28 February 2013

Love is "evol" spell it backwards I'll show ya

(Eminem - Spacebound)
Here's a little recap of the past few days, and the interesting stuff I've been up to...

I went to the Issa show for London Fashion Weekend at somerset house! I had my photo taken by the people of Forever 21 which was cool.
The lighting wasn't great for photo taking, but the general vibe of the show was large tropical prints and the models wore some gorgeous head pieces, I wanted one for myself.

Some of the amazing pieces at the shop now section. I'm desperately trying to find the name of the designer of these pieces because I forgot to check, and I just love the floral head pieces so much.
After the show I also managed to bag a bunch of freebies, from the showbag and such. Most of them were beauty products like hair products and moisturiser, and some Elizabeth Arden goodies as well. Vodafone also teamed up with Nails inc. and Millie Mackintosh to create a brand new shade of nail varnish, exclusive to Vodafone customers, so I picked one of those up as well. I haven't used it yet but I'll let you know my thoughts.

Youtubers, the Janoskians were in town as well last weekend, and I managed to get caught in the huge crowd of fans that were waiting outside their hotel, on my way for cocktails with friends, so that was pretty interesting.

I went to see One Direction with my friend on Sunday. It was definitely the highlight of my week. Yes, that's right I'm a fan, and I'm not ashamed of it either. If you're thinking about seeing them, I highly recommend it. I had the best time.

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