Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sing to me, make me feel like the only one

(Lewis Watson - Sink Or Swim)

It's the last day of January. How fast has this month gone? And as February approaches, that means one thing... I'll be turning 20 soon, and that is the most depressing thing possible to me, as I will no longer be a teenager *sigh*.

Anyway, that's enough mood dampening for one day. Today was sunny, but not pleasant sun, more like the snide sort of sun that tricks you into dressing lighter and then you step outside to a blizzard completely unprepared. I definitely won't be making the same mistake tomorrow.

Jacket - The Ragged Priest
Dress - Lipsy
Boots - Topshop

Things I'll be doing in February:
 Celebrating my birthday
♥ Seeing One Direction in concert
♥ London Fashion Weekend
♥ Being depressed and single on Valentine's Day
 Going to the X Factor tour
♥ Going to a Jake Bugg gig
♥ Spending a weekend at home with my family and dogs
♥ Eating lots of pancakes on Pancake Day!


  1. Lovely outfit! x

  2. Love the jacket !! xx