Sunday, 20 January 2013

I was praying that you and me might end up together

(Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean)
I was doing my food shopping in Sainsbury's today, and I saw that they had some new homeware stuff in, and being the obsessed candle lover that I am, I noticed that they had some nice new candles in. I don't always buy candles from Sainsbury's but as it is only down the road, it is easy to pick up a few cheap ones during my weekly food shop.

This White Fig and Patchouli scented candle caught my eye instantly, as it is in this cute little jar that has a ribbon and heart on the front, which I think will look so pretty burning in my room. It is described on the label as 'a sensual fragrance of white fig, violet and dark rose twisted with extracts of patchouli oil'. It was £5 and I will definitely find a way to reuse the jar.

This one is also White Fig and Patchouli, and comes in a little tin with a heart on top which I also think will look lovely in my bedroom, and this was only £3.50.

I also bought this three wick Madagascan Vanilla scented one for £7.50 as it smells amazing and is pretty big so will last me a while. I currently have this one burning, and it is just gorgeous.

I also bought a couple of these Glade limited edition Winter Berries candles, because they not only smell fresh and fruity, but they won't leave my room feeling stuffy. I like to use these as air freshening candles for when I want my room to smell light and fresh. These are £4.

Lastly, I got an Air Wick White Vanilla Bean scented candle, which will also serve as a freshener for my room. This candle was a one-off purchase, as it was only £4. I would say I prefer the smell of the Glade candle to this, and as they would both serve the same purpose, but this is still nice for £4.

One great thing I love about candles, is that you can re-use the holders. I am currently transforming an old candle holder in to a makeup brush holder, as I am re-organising my makeup at the moment.

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