Thursday, 6 December 2012

I keep waiting for you but you never come

1. Brocade collar £18 Topshop
2. Tartan skirt £36 Topshop
3. Navy velvet skater dress £55 Dahlia
4. Beige embellished top £40 River Island
5. Faux fur lapel collar £24 Asos
6. Leather look dress with glitter collar £68 Dahlia
7. Black cut out shirt £45 Urban Outfitters
8. Tapestry lace skirt £40 Topshop

Just taking a break from uni work to do this post right now, so in my state of utter boredom, I've been drooling over clothes that I just can't afford. So, here's my Christmas wish list. Enjoy!


  1. Mannnn that tartan skirt is so beautiful, certainly on my crimbo list too!!
    WHY DO THINGS HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE EH! Haha great blog though!!

    Kati x x x x

  2. i so badly want a fur collar too! they look so nice and cosy :)

    1. I actually bought this exact one last week (I couldn't wait until Christmas!!!) and I love it. I should be putting some outfit of the day posts up soon so check those out!