Saturday, 6 October 2012

And all the names that brought us here, simply fade away

It took me ages to write this because, wait for it... I've broken my arm (Homer Simpson 'Doh!' noise is most definitely appropriate right now) and so things have been put on hold while I try to keep up to date with uni work, while resting as much as possible. I was meant to be job hunting this week too, but who is seriously going to hire a girl with one functional arm?! And I can't go to the gym either because I'm meant to be resting. So, basically I've been getting poor and fat these past two weeks (cue depressed emoticon face).

Anyway, at least I've had time to ponder over what I'd like to buy this winter.

1. Plate detail skinny waist belt £15 Asos
2. Knitted laced cardigan £40 Topshop
3. Shirt no longer available online Topshop
4. Cathedral skirt £38.13 Blackmilk
5. Shoes no longer available online £25 River Island
6. Coco's Fortune cut out dress £45 Topshop

Also, I'm practically obsessed with Parton metal trim boots from Topshop in black, however, the black version are no longer on the website, and they weren't in the Oxford Street store either, so fingers crossed they'll be in another store somewhere in London so I can finally purchase my dream boots.

P.s. Tumblr's been down all day and it's starting to annoy me. What's a girl gotta do to nurse her depressed mood around here?

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