Friday, 24 August 2012

Sippin' a cold beer, sunshine in your face, long nights are crazy, we are on them...

(Wiley ft. Ms D - Heatwave)

The festival season is most definitely upon us, with many to have passed, Leeds and Reading this weekend, and many more to come, here are some must-have staples to keep you in check this festival season. No matter what festival you're attending this summer, I can guarantee that these essentials will come in handy.

1. Number one must-have is most definitely a good pair of wellies. Personally, I would suggest investing in a great pair of Hunters - not only do they come in a range of styles, they are great quality and will last you through the years.

The original Hunter boots in black (£79) are a classic choice, and I love these ones with the neon sole (£85) to keep you on trend. You can visit the Hunter website, or selected styles are also sold on Asos.

2. It is important to keep yourself dry and warm in this unpredictable British weather - being cold and soaked is your biggest nightmare at a festival, trust me.

This parka from Asos (£65) is a prime example of the sort of coat you should be taking to a festival, and this striped Pac 'a' Parka is a cheaper alternative (£30) also from Asos.

3. Layering is key, as is warmth, so buy a cheap hoodie to wear under your coat. You can thank me later.

4. Everyone's going denim crazy this summer, and high waisted denim cut off shorts will be everywhere, no matter what festival you're at. I bought a vintage pair of Levi's last year and studded them myself, as well as some Topshop ones (I got a bit too obsessed with the whole studded craze) but The Ragged Priest sell them already studded for you (at a price of course), so head over to their website, or search around charity shops and eBay and do it yourself - nothing wrong with a bit of DIY fashion, if anything it makes them cooler, and unique of course.

5. If you're not a shorts kinda girl, you can still fit in with the regular festival go-ers by taking a cool floral dress as a cool alternative.

These dresses would all look great with socks and wellies. The pink swing dress (£22 NOW £15) and navy belted dress (£28) are both from ASOS, and the red dress (£55) is from Urban Outfitters.

6. Over the knee socks look great with Wellington boots. You can pick a pack of two up in Primark for £2.

7. A headband is a good accessory to keep your hair off your face in the sweaty crowds - and hide the grease ha!
Both the scarfed band (£8) and feathered band (£16.50) are from Topshop and are great for festivals.

8. Toiletries - face wipes, deodorant and dry shampoo are all must haves, as cosmetics are few and far between when you're camping on a muddy field all weekend.

9. Vaseline is a multi purpose saviour so stock up and don't forget to pack it!

10. Scented tissues are another must-have that you mustn't forget. If you've never been to a festival, be warned! The portaloos are grimy as it is, so do yourself a favour and bring these along to prevent further hygiene issues.

11. What with the mud and sweat and lack of showers, you'll need these to keep you as fresh as possible.

12. There's nothing like a bit of face paint, UV body paint, and glitter to get in the festival spirit. Why? Why not.

So there you go, that's my little guide of necessities.

Oh, and one last thing - don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd! Comfort is priority, but with the different types of people that go to festivals, you can pretty much wear what you want. In fact, the more  unique you are, and the more you stand out, the better! 

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