Wednesday, 18 April 2012

....But I've never met someone quite like you.

(One Night Only - Long Time Coming)

So, I'm just casually sitting on the floor in my house, listening to One Night Only as I write this. Partly because I like their music, but mostly because I went to their gig in Liverpool the other day, and I'm reminiscing on a great night.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't the first time I've seen them perform, or just generally met them. In fact, I've liked their music for a while, but the main reason I even met them in the first place is because my friend absolutely adores them.

The first time I went to one of their gigs was in November in XOYO, in London - I mentioned it in a blog post back then. And since then, I have attended their party/club night things, a few times - which is basically them and a bunch of mates, and us obviously, in The Purple Turtle in Camden, with great music and a lot of alcohol - it always turns out to be a great night.

For anyone who lives under a rock and doesn't know who this great band is, I'll give you a quick update. The band consists of George Craig (lead vocals), and his brother James (drums). Then, there is Jack (keyboard), POB (bass), and Mark (guitar).

They also had their friends' band support them, and we've met them before too, so we were aware of their music (which is also great) so we enjoyed that as well.

Afterwards we had a chance to mingle, and congratulate them on the show. They didn't go out afterwards because they had to get to Norwich for their gig the following night, but it was great seeing them nonetheless.

Check out their new video for the Burberry eyewear campaign, if you haven't already seen it. Such a great tune!

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