Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just a catch up

So my New Year's resolution of blogging regularly has been an epic fail already. BUT, my work has been piling extra high as of late, and it's getting on my nerves! However, as sad (and lonely) as I am, I have decided to blog on Valentine's Day.

It was my birthday last week, though, and I had a great weekend! My mum and sister came to visit me in uni, and we went for meals, went shopping one day, and went to see a show! I know, I'm so spoilt. We saw Legally Blonde the musical, and it was really good. A little cheesy, but quite funny AND they had live dogs on stage! 

(Yes, I even found a restaurant called Sophie's)

On my actual birthday day (last monday) my flatmates all decided to tape me inside my own room, with some lovely poster card thing's they'd drawn - their way of wishing someone a happy birthday. They also made me a carrot cake, and decorated it and everything. Safe to say that it was eaten within minutes.

We also had a lovely girls' night out in Camden to celebrate a bunch of birthdays which was so much fun.

So that's been my last week or two, but I'll definitely be posting again soon, because that was a bit ridiculous. Ok, speak soon!!!

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